Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A visit to Dingle!

So, as part of my job as a wedding photographer, I like to visit the locations of my couple's chosen destinations before the big day. This is in part because I am a fairly organised person who likes to map things out in my mind so I can get the most out of the day. 

So travelling to Dingle, Co. Kerry was no exception. I have 4 weddings coming up in July this year and one of them is taking place at Ballintaggart house.  What a beautiful spot it is. With so much character and country charm, this place is going to be a fantastic spot for my couple's big day. I spent some of the day checking out spots for ideal picture taking moments and discovered so many places! 

I love the textures on the walls, the surrounding grounds and the endless fields of green. I discovered on my journey, a little country road that led to a cliff with amazing views so I'll bring the bride and groom there for more pics. After my visit I was so excited about coming back in July!